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About Us!

Our boats are highly maintained vessels. They are at your beck and call, ready to hook you up. Book Today!

Only Fins

Only Fins is a 2017 Seafox Commander 266. She is laid out with twin 150Hp Yamaha 4 stroke engines. She has a 143 gallon fuel capacity and is equipped with custom lights and a Kicker sound system. 


Charter Destinations

We are currently running Pleasure and Fishing Charters out of Marathon Florida!

4681 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050

Our Professional Crew

Captain Jose Collazo

Captain Jose Collazo is a seasoned and highly skilled professional in the world of deep-sea fishing, boasting a 200-ton master captain's license that speaks to his expertise on the open waters. Born and raised in the picturesque locales of Key Largo and Key West, Captain Collazo has cultivated a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the rich marine ecosystems of these regions. With an impressive track record in national tournaments, Captain Collazo has earned a reputation as an expert fisherman, consistently securing victories in competitions. His proficiency in targeting a variety of prized species, including Sailfish, Wahoo, and Tuna, makes him a go-to choice for those seeking an unforgettable fishing experience.What sets Captain Collazo apart is not just his skill but also his commitment to providing a top-notch fishing adventure. He brings along his personal tackle box and rods, ensuring that his clients have access to the finest equipment available. This attention to detail reflects his dedication to delivering an exceptional and successful fishing excursion.


Captain Ed Taylor

Captain Ed Taylor, a seasoned fishing captain based in Marathon, Florida, boasts a rich and diverse background in the world of angling. With a career spanning various fishing styles, he, alongside his son Michael, provides an exceptional and comprehensive fishing experience for enthusiasts.

Ed's charisma is one of his defining qualities. Known for his warm and engaging approach, he has a remarkable ability to make everyone in the group feel comfortable and ensures that each charter is not just a successful fishing trip but a joyous occasion for all on board. This unique blend of expertise and amiability creates an atmosphere where clients can truly come out of their shell and relish the adventure.

With years of experience fishing in the Florida Keys, Ed possesses a deep understanding of the local waters, the habits of big game fish, and the intricate details that lead to successful angling. This knowledge, coupled with his genuine passion for the sport, guarantees an enriching experience for everyone on the charter.

Beyond his fishing prowess, Ed is recognized for his clean and organized approach to each expedition. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that clients have not only an exciting and successful day on the water but also a comfortable and well-managed environment.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, Captain Ed Taylor offers a personalized and memorable fishing adventure tailored to your preferences and skill level. His commitment to providing the ultimate fishing experience, coupled with his friendly demeanor, makes him the ideal choice for those seeking not only big game catches but also a thoroughly enjoyable day on the beautiful waters of Marathon, Florida.


Captain Brad Freese

Meet Captain Brad Freese, a seasoned U.S. Coast Guard Licensed master captain whose entire life has been dedicated to the captivating world of fishing in the Florida Keys. With a profound connection to the region, Captain Freese stands out as an expert with an unparalleled understanding of the local fish species and the intricacies of catching them.

Captain Freese's extensive experience is reflected in his uncanny knowledge of the Florida Keys' marine ecosystem. His ability to navigate these waters, interpret fish behaviors, and employ expert angling strategies ensures that each charter is a personalized and successful fishing expedition.

Choosing Captain Brad Freese means gaining access to a wealth of experience and expertise. His U.S. Coast Guard License not only speaks to his commitment to safety and professionalism but also adds a layer of assurance for clients. As a true local expert, Captain Freese goes beyond guiding fishing trips; he provides an immersive experience, sharing insights into the rich diversity of marine life in the Florida Keys.

Embark on a fishing adventure with Captain Freese, and you'll not only benefit from his mastery of the craft but also gain a deeper appreciation for the unique marine environment of the Florida Keys. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, Captain Brad Freese is dedicated to making your charter an unforgettable and fruitful experience in the picturesque waters of the Florida Keys.


Captain Collin St Pierre

Captain Collin St Pierre emerges as a distinguished figure in the world of big game fishing, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise that spans the globe. With a resume that includes navigating the challenging waters of the Panama Canal, cruising up the East Coast, and exploring everything in between, Captain St Pierre is a seasoned professional with a passion for the thrill of the catch.

Not just limited to the surface, Captain St Pierre is also an advanced free diver and spear fisherman, adding an extra layer of skill and excitement to his repertoire. His mastery of the underwater realm enhances the overall fishing experience, providing a unique perspective and opening up possibilities beyond traditional angling.

For the past 12 years, Captain St Pierre has been at the helm of a private motor yacht, on call for those seeking the ultimate fish-catching adventure. His tenure aboard this vessel reflects not only his expertise in locating and landing big game fish but also his commitment to maintaining a clean and organized fishing environment.

What sets Captain St Pierre apart is not only his professional prowess but also his ability to connect with clients on a personal level. He excels in working with children, creating an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for anglers of all ages. His knowledge of various fish species is unparalleled, and he possesses a keen understanding of when and what they are likely to bite, ensuring a successful and exciting fishing excursion.

When you choose Captain Collin St Pierre for your charter, you're opting for more than just a captain; you're selecting a guide who is dedicated to putting you on the fish of your dreams. His global experience, combined with a passion for fishing and a knack for understanding the nuances of the underwater world, guarantees an unforgettable adventure. Clean, organized, and skilled, Captain St Pierre is sure to make your fishing experience not only productive but also enjoyable and memorable for all.

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